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Whitelabel Solutions in Currency

When you trade or make payments through a broker or payment provider, it’s important to understand that these providers often rely on larger, more established white label solutions. This practice is akin to how banks operate, where smaller banks may pool resources or use the services of larger banks to offer comprehensive services to their customers. In the banking system, smaller institutions may not have the capacity to offer every service independently, so they collaborate with bigger banks to provide a full suite of financial services, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Not a concern

This layered approach is natural and should not be a cause for concern. It allows smaller brokers and payment companies to provide sophisticated services without needing to build all the infrastructure themselves. By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of larger providers, these companies can focus on delivering excellent customer service and tailored solutions. For example, a forex broker might use platforms like MetaTrader or cTrader, which are developed and maintained by third-party companies specializing in trading technology. Similarly, payment providers might use services like Currency Cloud or Payoneer for handling multi-currency accounts and international payments.

White label solutions enable smaller firms to leverage the technology, liquidity, and compliance frameworks of bigger providers. This outsourcing ensures that you benefit from the latest technology and robust security measures provided by these established platforms. It’s similar to how smaller banks might rely on the IT systems and regulatory frameworks of larger banks to offer their customers advanced online banking services and secure transactions.

Leading whitelabel solutions in forex and payments

Here is an example for some whitelabel solutions in the currency industry:

CompanyIndustrySub-CategoryHow AutomatedNotes
MetaTrader (MT4/MT5)ForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelWidely used, customizable, robust security
cTraderForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelUser-friendly, advanced charting, fast execution
X Open HubForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMulti-asset trading, flexible, cloud-based
B2BrokerForexLiquidity ProviderFull White LabelPrime of Prime liquidity, deep pools, MT4/5 support
LeverateForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelLXSuite includes MT4/5, SIRIX, CRM
Currency CloudPaymentsMulti-Currency AccountsPartial/Full White LabelReal-time FX, international payments, compliance tools
PayoneerPaymentsPayment SolutionsPartial/Full White LabelGlobal payments, multi-currency accounts
Skrill (Paysafe Group)PaymentsDigital WalletPartial/Full White LabelDigital wallet, international transfers
RailsbankPaymentsBanking ServicesFull White LabelMulti-currency accounts, FX management
Global Processing Services (GPS)PaymentsPayment ProcessingFull White LabelPayment processing, card issuing
AxiForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelEasy setup, wide range of trading instruments
Soft FXForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelLiquidity, back-office integration
TradableForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelModular design, customizable
QuadcodeForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMulti-platform support, customizable UI
Saxo BankForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMulti-asset liquidity, turnkey solution
TradesmarterForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelIntegrated CRM, affiliate tracking
ETNA TraderStock TradingTrading PlatformFull White LabelStock trading focus
GAIN CapitalForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelCFD trading, deep liquidity
FXWhiteLabelForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMT4/5 solutions, comprehensive brokerage support
Match-Trade TechnologiesForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMatch-Trader platform, trading technologies
TradesocioInvestmentsInvestment ManagementFull White LabelInvestment management solutions
Advanced MarketsForexLiquidity ProviderFull White LabelTurnkey solutions, deep liquidity
White Label FXForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelMT4/5, brokerage support
IntegralForexTrading PlatformFull White LabelCloud-based trading and risk management
CFH ClearingForexLiquidity ProviderFull White LabelLiquidity and risk management
FortexForexECN TradingFull White LabelECN solutions, multi-asset liquidity
Gold-iForexTrading TechnologyFull White LabelAdvanced trading tech, liquidity solutions
FinaltoForexTrading and Risk ManagementFull White LabelComprehensive trading solutions
OneZeroForexLiquidity AggregationFull White LabelLiquidity and risk management solutions
MetaInvestForexTrading and InvestmentFull White LabelTrading and investment management

Keep alert

Being aware of this practice is crucial. It means that the quality of service you receive is often influenced by the capabilities of these underlying providers. To identify the larger providers behind your broker or payment service, you can look for disclosures on their websites or in their terms and conditions, where they often mention the third-party platforms they use.