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About Us

On, or simply “Currency Brokers”, we make an attempt to help the public differentiate between the two types of FX – speculative, leveraged, foreign exchange trades with the intent of making profit, as opposed to bank-to-bank currency transfers which is nothing more than a banking activity. Both types of businesses are sometimes named “FX brokers” but with very distinct meanings.

Our 10,000-long guide was written by people with particular experience in this industry. As users/traders, on a journalistic capacity, and as affiliates of theses service (and we still are affiliated with currency brokers for bank transfers, more on that on our disclaimer). We tried to summarise the most important things people are looking to know about the currency industry into one cohesive guide that’ll help people decide whether they would like to use either service.

We hope you will find this website useful. If you do, publish it on your social media so others become aware of it too. At this moment we are running CurrencyBroker’s beta version, so mistakes can occur; please be patient with us and remember this product is still work in progress.