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About Us

Welcome to ‘CurrencyBrokers’ (, your comprehensive guide for bank-to-bank currency transfers

(not the other type of FX, focused on speculative trades with the intent of making profit)

Our site is dedicated to helping you identify the best UK currency broker for your international transfer needs. 

Our team of highly skilled writers and staff have decades of experience in banking, overseas payments, and foreign exchange (FX). 

We all share a passion for educating and spreading the word that banks are heavily overcharging for sending money overseas.

More importantly… There are far better alternatives!

At the top of this list are the UK’s best currency brokers, international money transfer specialists who offer the best service and some of the most cost effective solutions in the industry.

Our cohesive guides and expert reviews highlight exactly why we most often recommended currency brokers as the best route for international transfers. 

We’re committed to regularly updating these pages and are constantly adding new guides.

Please bear in mind, as part of a very fast paced industry, it’s impossible to remain fully up to date 100% of the time, but we certainly do our best! 

We are proud and transparent affiliates of our top ranked providers (more on that in our disclaimers) and only recommend working with safe and well regulated companies we truly believe to be amongst the best in the industry. 

We hope you gain the knowledge and insight from our site to move forward confidently on your overseas money transfer journey. 

Here’s to better informed decisions and more savings! 

A note: You are currently viewing in its beta version, so please remain patient and understanding, the site is still a work in progress. Thanks!